Bring medicine and


closer to lives



We consider it our mission to have a vision of “bringing medicine and healthcare services closer to everyone,” and to create a framework that turns ideas into solutions for local challenges.

In sub-Saharan Africa, it is said that more than 270 million people live more than 2 hours away from a healthcare facility.

In Japan, it has been reported that over 10 million people are living in areas classified as underserved or semi-underserved in terms of healthcare access.

Even in urban areas where healthcare access is said to be assured, individuals and families may not have sufficient time for their medical and health management due to the demands of daily life.

Challenges related to healthcare access vary according to diverse situations. With members possessing expertise in fields such as medicine, health, engineering, design, and collaborating with relevant stakeholders, we work on solving challenges tailored to diverse lifestyles by translating ideas into tangible solutions.

How we go

How we go

In the development of products and services related to healthcare, we believe that empathy and understanding for users and those around them are particularly crucial.

Through the provision of products and services and the use of design research methodologies, we aim to communicate with the users, gaining insights and needs. We aim not only to connect this knowledge with the technologies we develop but also with research techniques from the broader scientific community to seek better solutions.

By translating solutions into reality through prototypes and validating them, we aim to promote understanding and further communication among the individuals involved in the products and services. Our goal is to realize solutions that align with people’s culture, lifestyle, and needs.



Medical box

We are developing a box-shaped, shareable device called the “Medical Box” to address the challenge of ensuring healthcare access in remote and hard-to-reach areas, such as suburbs and islands. This device enables online medical consultations and the provision of pharmaceuticals.

By deploying satellite clinics and pharmacies utilizing the Medical Box, we aim to bridge the gap between specialized medical professionals in urban areas and residents in suburban regions. Our goal is to facilitate continuous access to healthcare for residents and provide them with tailored medical and healthcare services.



Taisuke Ikawa

Co-founder CEO
Design Engineer

Taisuke is experienced in technological/clinical research and development of the medical device industry. Prior to FLOATBASE, he worked as a Project Assistant Professor at the DLX Design Lab. in the University of Tokyo. He graduated from the Osaka University School of Engineering (ME), the Doctoral program in Advanced Life Medical Sciences in Tokyo Women's Medical University and Waseda University (Ph.D.), and Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London & Royal College of Art in the UK (MSc/MA) 

Yuriko Nishikawa

Medical Advisor

 Yuriko has been involved in research on gut microbiota at a university hospital in Tokyo in addition to practicing dermatology. In the past, she has also worked on gerontology research, and the development of the online health management, and AI-based medical questionnaire system. She graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine and completed the MSc in International Health Management at Imperial College London.